About Kory King

I’m building this site for my family history and Yanyeidi Clan research. I’m requesting help from all sides of my family as well as my Yanyeidi Clan so we can build a place to store memories and learn our history.

Please bear with me as I learn Tlingit Laws and regulations. I would greatly appreciate any help. I am going back to school to learn Tlingit & Nisga’a studies and Museum studies. With a personal side study of Geneology.

I unfortunately did not grow up with traditions and I’ve not had opportunities for songs or regalia. It’s more than embarrassing to be honest but better late than never. Now is as a good a time as any!

 “No one else above us.” Spoken from my Great Uncle Lloyd Sutton. 

Hard to be proud of who you are when you don’t fully even understand where you come from.

Modern age and loss of our history, the cold realization of what our Grandparents fought for and the hard truths of their sacrifices being long forgotten. I hope to restore as much as I can.


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